Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Leonid Kuchma, the president, has been misnamed on the EuroNews site:

The outgoing president of Ukraine, Leonard Kuchma, has said he is in favour of new elections as a way out of the stalemate over polls held on November 21.

No big deal.

One of the two Odesa city council deputies who voted against introduction of emergency state in Ukraine (proposed by the city mayor Ruslan Bodelan) was attacked Monday: Georgiy Selyanin was entering the city council building when Yanukovych supporters rallying in front of it started pushing him and poured water over him. Selyanin was wearing an orange scarf. The police and other deputies did not attempt to interfere - but he managed to escape into the building. Earlier, someone painted a black, unerasable swastika on Selyanin's car. (via Gazeta.ru)

That's a big deal.

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