Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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The Supreme Court is meeting tomorrow at 10 am again; the Parliament is having a session, too.

Kuchma wants either a complete re-count of the vote, or a re-vote in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, or - and that seems the most reasonable option to him - a complete re-vote. I don't see how the people accused of rigging the vote can be given another chance, but I'm not our president. Kuchma is also worried about the economy - says that the financial system could collapse within days - "like a house of cards" - and neither he, nor his government should be held responsible if this happens. I remember that two weeks ago Yushchenko was saying something as alarming about our currency reserves - and he did blame the government for it. Also, a re-vote must such an expensive thing - so if Kuchma thinks there's enough money for that, then maybe everything isn't as bad as he wants us to believe.

What the opposition wants from the Supreme Court is for the results of the second round to be invalidated and the results of the first round to be allowed to stand - thus Yushchenko would be the president, by a very narrow margin, 0.5 percent. That's a cool option, I guess, which would return the country to normal sooner than another voting circus.

The Parliament tomorrow will be demanding that the prime minister and his government resign voluntarily - or are forced to resign. They are also planning to discuss the separatist initiatives of certain regional leaders, and to recommend the prosecutor general's office and the security service to look at it closer and, maybe, to open a case against those regional separatist leaders (the most notorious now is Yevhen Kushnaryov of Kharkiv - but there're a lot more).

A few people I've talked with tonight aren't exactly sure what's going on and in which direction it is all moving. I draw my optimism from the disastrous performance of Yanukovych's team lawyer this past afternoon - those people don't know how to defend themselves properly and they also don't have enough brains to build their attack according to the law. Good for us, bad for them.

Mishah told me of his friends who are driving around, delivering warm clothes, food and vitamins to the street protesters. By the presidential administration building, they offered food to the riot police boys but they refused - however, they did accept vitamins from Mishah's friends. That's moving.

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