Friday, September 03, 2004

This is what I've just posted on my photo page:

Where is President Putin?

Screenshot of President Putin's Official Website - Kremlin.Ru

10:52 pm, Moscow time, nearly ten hours after the first explosions sounded inside the school in Beslan, South Ossetia.

President Vladimir Putin hasn't made a TV appearance yet, hasn't addressed the nation, hasn't made any statements. Not a single word from him yet.

His official website hasn't been updated since Thursday, Sept. 2. The latest statement quoted on the website is from Mr. Putin's speech at a meeting with Abdullah II, King of Jordan, yesterday.

What you see in the left-hand corner of the site - "The President -- To School-Age Citizens" - is NOT related to the tragedy in the Beslan school.

More about the Beslan hostage crisis and its horrible aftermath can be found through just about any news outlet in the world. Well, except for the Russian Channel 1 (ORT) - they are currently showing Die Hard I.

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