Saturday, September 04, 2004

I love Die Hard. But I think it's so fucking insensitive to be showing it today, with its happy end and all...

The latest report from the health officials says more than 200 people have died. Just think of it: 200 people plus some more. And it's not final yet.

And Putin's vanished. And tomorrow he'll say some general bullshit, and will pretend that he's grieving and is in control of the situation.

Technically, Russia is not "my" country. I am a Ukrainian citizen. Ukraine is a different country - we have our own assholes (and the presidential election a week before the one in the States). But it's not a "foreign" country, either, because of all the common past, plus, we do live here now, have lived here on and off for the past few years. So yeah, in a way, it is "my" country...

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