Friday, May 02, 2014

I'm tired of many things now, very tired in general, have only slept through the night twice since January 19, when the protests at Hrushevskogo began and I was so far away from Kyiv. I still am. Which is tough. But I can't help it.

One of the things I'm tired of now is Facebook. It's too crowded for me, I'm tired of always feeling as if I'm addressing someone when I write there. I've never been fond of public speaking.

Writing here, on the other hand, used to feel sort of private, somehow. A room of my own. I liked to show it off, of course, loved to have guests around, but it was still mine alone. And in real life, I've become very territorial over the past few years - must be how this age thing is affecting me. So I guess I'll migrate back here for a while. Not sure if it's gonna work, not sure if it makes me feel better, but I'll give it a try.

Actually, I already feel better - because I missed this blog, felt guilty for having deserted it - and now I've returned, and can talk to myself out loud all I want, whenever I feel like it.


  1. You know you're right. This is much more comfy than FB. Welcome back.

    Now you have me thinking about Blogspot again. I closed Ressentiment years back. It's all your fault! :P

    FB seems very self conscious. People don't interact much about politics and it seems to be more about the selfies rather than current events. Sometimes I'll find something interesting and just Tweet it it because people seem too busy. This is nice because you can stop by whenever you want a snack and there's always something good at Neeka's.

    <3 Dean

  2. I hope I'll be able to write something coherent here, though I can't guarantee I won't be posting selfies as well or write about something that has nothing to do with current events. I need to write, and I feel stuck now, so I just want to try a place I consider sort of my own, instead of an area that I feel is more public. And it's not about who is actually reading my posts. It's more about how I imagine myself when I'm saying things. Not sure if it makes any sense ) Again, thank you for being here all this time!

  3. Nika,

    Glad you are back in a fashion comfortable for yourself. I first learned of your work during the Orange happenings and as an American learned a great deal. I found your photos and text gave insight to what living there might be like. I can not imagine what it is like now. Please, again do what feels right and voice, as you can, the texture of Ukraine in this difficult time. All my best. d. Alameda, CA

  4. Welcome back to blog land, Nika. I've missed you. Your balanced perspective is needed once again by the look of things. Ian downunder.

  5. I think I know the feeling, although I could never bring myself to get a Facebook account.

  6. Although Nic, I don't have a blog myself, but since you started it, I view your articles by and then, maybe once a year :) Sorry, it's because of my being busy. And you're right FB is boring and makes us tired, especially when we view things and then feel obliged to "like" friends' photos, status articles and etc. As if it is for some show off. FB gurus say it has only 3 year's life left. Let's see ...:)