Monday, January 31, 2011


The construction site over Teatralna metro station (and across the street from the Russian Drama Theater) is very much alive again, despite various attempts to resist this odious project - and despite common sense.

There used to be a little area with flowers in front of the apartment building there - nothing special, but it's hard not to think of it as an absolutely crucial space now that it's gone - and gone in such a grotesque manner.

According to (RUS), they are building a shopping center there.

And there's going to be a protest rally tomorrow, at 2 PM: anti-construction activists are planning to appeal for help to UNESCO this time.





  1. So sad to think that the flow of theatre goers will face across the street a larger flow of consumers, burning with just the same level of passion ...

    And so courageous you and others are to protest when the building itself is so far advanced...

    Sorry for being manicheist... and thank you for all your wonderful picture essays
    Take care

  2. Dearest Genia, I'm so sorry I never reply to your comments and messages - always want to chat with you, and always get distracted... Sorry!

    Theatergoers vs shoppers: not too many of the former left, I'm afraid, but that's a totally different story...

    And - I've nothing against the latter, am one of them myself - who isn't? - but the problem here is that instead of finding a more appropriate alternative site for this (ulgy) thing, they must have paid a huge amount of money for a permission to squeeze it right in front of an apartment building - right in front of somebody's windows - and right on top of a subway station, on this really tiny plot of land...

    It's happening all over Kyiv now: thoughtless construction projects - and complete disregard for the city's historical buildings and its past, as well as for the well-being of Kyiv's current residents and their children.