Thursday, May 20, 2010

Via Taras of Ukrainiana, yet another video of our dolt of a president. In this episode, Yanukovych says 'demilitation' instead of 'delimitation':

Translation by Taras:

Yanukovych: Of course, we have issues of quite some principle that we’ll have to work on. For example: the demilitation of our...uh...of our sea borders.

Please note how Medvedev reacts by moving his index finger. He sure has a fun job: first, he gets to listen to the lovely performance of the Russian anthem by the Syrians, then he gets to watch the wreath attack Yanukovych, and finally he gets to hear our great defender of the Russian language actually speak this language.

To avoid repeated humiliation, Yanukovych minders should probably consider getting TV channels to dub the president's speeches, or do voiceovers. Because he really is hopeless.


  1. Povera Butterfly!...

  2. Let's stay tuned for more. I'm sure he won't keep us waiting:)