Saturday, May 01, 2010

This freak - a regular at springtime communist gatherings - passed by our house today, reminding me that tomorrow is May 1:

The picture above is five years old, but the crazy lady looks the same, just a bit older, and dresses as idiotically. Marta, however, went "ah" and "oh" and "wow" when she saw her: pink tights, pink ribbons on her pink hair, and a pink backpack - a new one! - with some Western cartoon characters on it - don't remember which ones, should ask Marta, perhaps, when she wakes up - maybe she remembers.

I'm tempted to go and take pictures of the Stalinist clowns in the morning - but it is morning already, so I'd rather sleep in - or take Marta to the swimming pool instead. I've seen these nuts before, more than once, so why waste time on them again.

I'm kind of curious, though, whether all the Kremlin's recent anti-Stalinist messages will find some sort of a reflection at the communist rallies today. Five years ago, the freaks with Stalin's portraits seemed useful to the regime as a sort of a warning to the general public: see, this is what the alternative to Putin is like. Now, with the reset button and all, they may somewhat screw up Russia's friendly and civilized image that the state-run channels are trying so hard to highlight.

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