Saturday, April 03, 2010

P.S. While I was writing my previous post, they seem to have updated the New York Times piece, and the stuff in the quote that I give has been somewhat re-arranged, but is still there.

There's a ton of articles about this girl in other media.

Some confusion about whether this girl blew herself up at Lubyanka or Park Kultury.

Kommersant, where the photo appeared first (or not?), reports (RUS) it was the former:

[...] Следственный комитет при прокуратуре РФ считает, что Дженнет Абдурахманова взорвалась в фирменном составе метрополитена "Красная стрела" на станции "Лубянка", убив вместе с собой больше двадцати пассажиров. [...]

According to the Times, though, it was the latter location:

[...] Ms. Abdullayeva’s life ended at 8:40 on Monday morning at the Park Kultury station. Riding in a train, Sim Eih Xing, a medical student from Malaysia, said he noticed a strange-looking woman near the door “in a very abnormal posture.”

“She wasn’t wearing a scarf,” he told The Moscow Times. “Her eyes were very open, like on drugs, and she barely blinked, and it was scary. But I didn’t think she was a suicide bomber. I thought that she might be just mentally ill. So I stood behind her.”

He got off at Park Kultury, and was a few feet away from the woman when the bomb detonated. Sparks appeared before his eyes and the station went silent. When he came to his senses, he saw bodies in piles on the floor of the train. One of them was Ms. Abdullayeva’s.

(The Moscow Times story mentioned above is here.)

P.P.S. According to (RUS), too, it was Park Kultury, not Lubyanka:

[...] На «Парке культуры» взорвалась 18-летняя Джанет Абдурахманова (Абдулаева), жительница Дагестана, заявили в Национальном антитеррористическом комитете (НАК). [...]

Doesn't really matter much, but since there is some confusion, it's kind of interesting to see who is reporting what...

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