Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yulia is closer than ever to becoming president - and our sissy boys are getting out of control. Or has it always been like this?

Here's what Yanukovych said (UKR) about Tymoshenko a few days ago in Kharkiv, as he refused to confront her in live TV debates:

They tell me it's pointless to argue with a woman - it's wrong, I don't agree with it. More than anything else, I regard her as prime minister, and she should take responsibility for her every word. And if she's a woman, then she must go to the kitchen and show off her whims there.

And here's what writer Oles Buzyna wrote about Tymoshenko in Rinat Akhmetov's Segodnya newspaper:

The way Yulia Vladimirovna aspires to become president is similar to how a woman twice divorced aspires to re-marry.

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  1. "Timoshenko will never become Ukranian, though, it's possible to make Ukranian out of Yanukovich yet": President Yushchenko, December, 2009.