Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two videos - one of Marta and one of myself.

Marta is making up some weird and pretty gloomy stories that she calls poems, songs and fairy tales, which involve fallen trees, bespectacled people and napkins. She mentions drowning a few times - but that's because we were sitting by the lake when I shot this video. Maybe one day I'll translate some of it and add subtitles :)

And here's me, talking to David Sasaki, my wonderful colleague at Global Voices/Rising Voices, who is currently in Ukraine - and who describes me this way on his blog:

[...] ...the once mysterious Central and Eastern European Editor for Global Voices. (No one had met Veronica and there were vicious rumors that she was in fact a cyborg replicant planted by Google to demonstrate that a few good scripts could curate the world’s online conversations even better than humble human beings.) [...]


Anyway, here's the video - thank you so much, David!!!


  1. Video killed a radio star ))))

  2. I loved these both. Thank you so much for posting them. It was wonderful to see and hear you talk a bit about your work. Marta's stories and her delivery are amazing. I love the matter of fact way she repeated "kak zhe byt', kak zhe byt', kak zhe byt'" Such a small child, but consciously or not, she has hit upon one of the eternal questions.

  3. Marta claims she is 16, Dawid that he is 6 not 3.5. I love how they want to 'grow bigger, and bigger, and biiiiiger'!:) She is a lovely child!:)



  4. At some point, your daughter's stardom will probably eclipse yours:)!

  5. Lovely! I could listen to Marta on and on again. It makes me envious as well : I'll show the video to my husband so that he cares to transmit the Russian heritage to our kids with more consistency...
    The thing is, the younger generation IS less self-conscious and more confident than ours was ... this is full of promise.
    I also like your video. Thank you for posting it.

  6. Instant internet stars!

  7. Sorry for commenting, since I am a stranger, who isn't in the list of your friends, though virtual ones.

    Just wanted to say that this presentation was a good one.