Saturday, May 09, 2009

My camera's battery died when I least expected it, so I went back home to recharge, to have lunch and to upload the pictures from my May 9 walk:

81 of them - here.

Below is a quick tour:

Our Stalinists have their own Stalin-like persona, of course:

And this must be their idea of Jesus:

And our Communists and Socialists - Petro Symonenko and Oleksandr Moroz - are, of course, taking all the credit for the victory:

The very few old veterans still alive look very moving, everyone is congratulating them:

But, unfortunately, they get somewhat obscured by Lenin, Stalin and their followers - who, in their turn, get somewhat obscured by our ordinary people, which is good:

The Holodomor Memorial looks as if there has indeed been some serious mismanagement of funds allotted for its construction:

The Afghan War veterans are remembered as well today:

And here's my very favorite picture of all - it has little to do with May 9, I guess, except that the guy was standing right above me as I was cooling off in the shade at the WWII Memorial compound, and he agreed to have his picture taken, though he didn't sound all too friendly:

The Baba - the Motherland - is still there, of course: