Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've just done some spring cleaning here: deleted all those Daily Bookmarks posts that have been littering this blog since August 2008. I'm setting up a separate place for them, will link to it later, once I'm done with the transfer.

I'm aware that the domination of Russian- and Ukrainian-language links and the messy, non-systematic nature of my reading seemed confusing to some readers, but I'm addicted to bookmarking and sharing my daily reads, and it's also an okay way to remind myself of what I was up to on the days when I was too exhausted to write - which now happens to be pretty much every day.

My own biggest problem with these bookmark posts was that they created an illusion of some activity here, while there was none whatsoever most of the time. So now I'll have to face my own silence and do something about it. I guess I'll be littering this blog with pictures again now - because with so much reading that I do every day, and with the six unbearable and unphotogenic winter months that are now behind us, I crave images like crazy.


  1. I always look forward to your pictures - thanks !

  2. I enjoy your bookmarks and links to latest news. I don't mind if you continue them on this blog.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for moving the bookmarks and links to a separate blog. The new one looks much more welcoming - it's a pleasure to get it in my feed-reader. (Now I get my regular dose of imagery from Kyiv, Istanbul, & other favorite cities...) By the way, Google Reader offers a very easy way to share links and bookmarks.