Sunday, April 26, 2009

UPDATE: An English translation of Roman Gruzov's text is here (a huge thanks for this to Fëanor of Just A Mon).


A beautiful text (RUS) in Bolshoi Gorod, by the wonderful Roman Gruzov - about Baymurat aka Jimmy, an ethnic Uzbek from Tajikistan, a gastarbeiter in a town near Moscow - and a YouTube celebrity.

Here's one of the initial YouTube videos of Baymurat/Jimmy's rendition of a Bollywood song:

And here's his performance at Asian Dub Foundation's St. Pete gig on April 4:


  1. thanks so much for posting this. I read the story in BG this week and was completely captivated.

  2. Hi: Wonderful story, this. Thanks for posting it. I've translated (loosely) BG's article and posted it here. Please do let me know what you think.