Monday, March 09, 2009

Svitlana Loboda will sing for Ukraine at Eurovision this year:

(the 'beaver' ad is on Sagaydachnogo St.)

And here's this year's "Russian" entry - the Ukrainian version of Anastasiya Prykhodko's song:

And the part-Russian, part-Ukrainian version:


  1. The all-Ukrainian version sounds a lot smoother.

  2. Yes, I like it better in Ukrainian, too. I mean, I like the voice and the Ukrainian language, but somehow I can't get myself to say that I actually like the song or the singer... And it's all about something else anyway... :)

  3. Do people (women, I suppose) really wear those beaver boots?

    They remind me of the rubber "John Deere" farmer's boots I wore when I was in 3rd grade and living in Illinois. Or the rubber boots German farmers wore around the barnyard.

    Even being in different colors, they seem so unstylish as to be an unlikely choice.