Friday, December 05, 2008

I wanted to post these ugly pics earlier, following this discussion of Condoleezza Rice, Russia and IKEA.

Here are some of the options that we have in our IKEA-free city, Kyiv:

This one cost 2,050 hryvnias, which, according to the summer exchange rate (very different from what it is now), was something like $410...

This one was 2,700 hryvnias ($540)...

2,866 hryvnias ($570 or so)...

3,150 hryvnias ($630)...

This is their "leader of sales" - 11,731 hryvnias ($2,345 or so) - for a couch and two armchairs, I assume...

Finally, this sweet couple decided against buying this thing - because it was roughly the size of their bedroom when turned into a bed, and they, obviously, wanted to leave some space to be able to move around...


  1. Wow, that furniture reminds me of some of the finer emporia of New Jersey or South Philly. Lacking mirror-glass bed frames, though--or at least you didn't photograph any.

  2. so awesome! I should do the same thing for here....Thank god for IKEA

  3. Боже милий! High prices for retro surplus.

  4. Markian, a brilliant observation. Well put.

  5. AND with rotten French spelling! Yeakk!
    Mixed feelings : I enjoy this kind of delirium on furniture and everyday life objects (;0).It reminds me on my college years and the seedy places I lived in.
    It only gets me sad to imagine how time-consuming and cosly it must for the average buyer to look for something decent...

    BonNE journée to all of you!

    (The blogger word verification gives me the letter combination mychipi, which in French means something like MY SHREW. Popping in at your blo has been an enjoyable giggling session, thank you Neeka!)