Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some of the recent publishing treats that Mishah has contributed to - extremely tasty, in a broad sense:

Ali and Nino, by Kurban Said, published in Russian by Ad Marginem. Mishah's contribution isn't just the book's beautiful design: he was also the one to suggest that the folks at the publishing house read the novel in English, hoping that it'd get them hooked. It sure did. A huge thanks to our dear friend Polina, who gave us her English-language copy of the book back in 2000, making sure we got hooked on it as well!

Еда, a new food magazine that's making me wanna cry every time I try to leaf through its pages. Mishah is their art director.

Грузия: первое, второе, третье, a book on Georgian cuisine, with photos by Nina Gomiashvili and paintings by Georgiy and Konstantin Totibadze, published by Afisha. Mishah collaborated on the design. The book isn't just making me wanna cry - it makes me wish to be adopted by some kind Georgian family: I'd do dishes for them, I'd do anything, just to be able to partake of their feasts!



  1. All three look beautiful!

    Ali and Nino is a great book, one of the few that I reread every couple of years.

  2. Why does it make you want to cry?

    Shock to see jamie Oliver on the cover. He is all over the place here in the UK.

  3. Because I like to eat. Because it hurts to look at tasty-looking food that's not there for me to eat. :)