Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It didn't start in 2005, it's been going on like this forever: since independence, they've been switching alliances and talking bullshit, counting on the people to quickly forget, so that they could start it all over again. Maidan seemed to have sorted things out, opened a new page, whatever. And then it all got mixed up again a year later, in September 2005. And then they blew it again last fall. And now, yet again. Yushchenko is blaming Yulia, Yulia is blaming Yushchenko, whatever. One of the things I don't understand is what those fundamental differences between them are that have prevented them from settling down and doing some actual work this time, this year, managing the country as efficiently as they would manage their own businesses. An overall impression is that they've no idea what to do about the country, except for how to plunder it, and the whole circus is there to keep us entertained as well. As for the newest election, a survey (RUS) conducted in early September showed that if Yatsenyuk, Hrytsenko and Klichko joined forces, they might get into parliament pretty easily. This same survey, however, also showed that nearly 10 percent of the voters were planning to vote against them all.


  1. I'm already packing my bags for round two. However, as December voting will be colder than September voting, time to break out the winter gear! Ai yai yai...
    As a good friend of mine says, "Ukrainians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

  2. Сергей Шнуров!

    Проти всіх!

  3. Abba Eban said that about the Palestinians.

    Voting "against all" - what's that going to solve?

    Parliamentary immunity needs to be abolished.

    The party list system is a huge problem. People should be able to vote for individual candidates in their own district.

    Campaign finance needs to be reformed as well - otherwise, what you get is people buying their way onto the party list, and a "political elite."

    Neeka, you are right - it's a small circle, and a small circus of people, who seek to use government to plunder the country.

    There is a way out - but people voting for the same old crooks is not a way out.