Thursday, August 07, 2008

We are staying at Kanara Hotel here.

Kanara Otel - used to be Kanara Motel, but then they erased the 'M' from all their signs:

A lovely place right by the sea, very relaxed, wonderful service, wonderful food.

It's like a large, well-maintained communal dacha. We are the only foreigners here. A perfect place for people with kids - there's a playground, food isn't spicy, in addition to the horse, there are rabbits, chickens, pigeons, peacocks, two goats, three big dogs and a furtive cat.

Lots of kids, of course: whenever I get exhausted and begin to despair, it makes me feel somewhat better to know that many adults around me are parents, too, and are in the same situation. But there's enough space here to be able to deal with our little naughty problems on our own - and to avoid partaking of other folks' toddler dramas. Marta has made a couple new Turkish friends, learned a few new Turkish words and phrases.

P.S. And, as you can judge by the frequency of my vacation posting, wireless internet works great here.

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