Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last week at our park, Marta and I happened upon members of the slingomamy LJ community - They were having one of their regular offline gatherings, and Marta insisted on hanging out in their midst. I couldn't help smiling when I thought that these people were, in theory, part of my job: Russian bloggers. There was no politics involved whatsoever, though, just a lot of adorable babies, and some commerce (handmade slings and crafts). It was fun.


  1. I love it! So glad to see slings/carriers are catching on there. Cute babies too.

  2. I carried Leo in a sling to the vegetable allotments when he was two days old! He slept the whole way, even when I was drinking tea in the tea hut. Since then he loves me to carry him around in the sling, although he now weighs 11kg. He'll come to me to be carried before going to Lena...she's quite happy with that arrangement. Slings are great.