Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A video from a neighborhood rally in Güngören - "Teröre Hayır" ("No to Terror"):

The timing was perfect - I arrived in Güngören just when the rally got to the tramway station, so I walked with them all the way to the pedestrian street where the blasts had occurred.

I understood what it said on the posters - "No to terror" - but I didn't understand the chants. Back at the hotel, I asked the night shift guy to translate for me: PKK featured a lot in the slogans. So much, actually, that it's really strange that I failed to catch it while there.

What's also really strange is to be a clueless foreigner - all of a sudden, I've understood how it must feel to be a foreign reporter when your fixer is not there.

More pictures a bit later. YouTube, by the way, seems to be blocked in Turkey, just like Wordpress was earlier this year (it's back now, which is nice), so I've uploaded this video on Flickr.

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