Monday, July 14, 2008

A very hot day today, and Khreshchatyk was beautifully empty. Gidropark, on the other hand, was packed:

Will try to post more pictures later.


  1. Despite being jam-packed with beach-goers and tons of trash, Gidropark still rocks:)!

    It’s that scenery and those majestic views of right-bank Kyiv that keep people coming back. Two days ago, I made a short video while emerging from the tunnel and approaching Hidropark as I headed for a friend’s birthday party at Lisova.

    Too bad the weather has worsened again.

  2. Where did you take those pictures from ? an aircraft?

  3. Wow, what bathing suits! ;-)

  4. There are some people who just ought not to wear thongs, no matter how fashionable they think they are.

    And a thong on a man - well, that rhymes with wrong.

    A thong on a man is just plain wrong.

    And all those speedo suits - just wrong, whether they're playing chess or not.