Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uploaded a bunch of Kyiv photos, the backlog.

From the Parking set:

From the Construction set:

From the Mayor 2008 set:

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  1. We have a (polite) phrase about car owners in French : "Small buttocks - impressive car."

    I like the comment post about tyre deflating some entries below...

    An insane politician of ours created some years ago a four-wheels lobby, arguing they are victim of the green political correctness of today. Well, if you know that this guy has also created a lobby for pitbulls and other agressive dog breeds, no wonder.

    Fortunately this guy has been so much dscredited at all levels that now he has moved away to France...

    Have a good time in Istanbul. One day you will have to explain your particular attachment to this place... Well, you already do through your pictures :)