Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's really awesome to be around people who love kids and aren't afraid to show it. In Istanbul, Marta receives dozens of smiles and hugs daily; she's heard the Turkish phrase "çok güzel, maşaallah" ("very beautiful, mashaallah") so many times, she knows how to say it herself by now; and today three people have given her sweets (which isn't that great, considering that she's almost missing four of her upper teeth already). She acts somewhat shy when confronted with all this affection and even tries to get away, announcing in Russian that she's "scared of them all" - but she doesn't really mean it. As far as I'm concerned, this alone could be the reason to keep coming back here - but there are plenty more, of course. Maşaallah!


  1. Great photos Veronica!

    Plus I think Mishah's hair is quite natural looking,.. very becoming :)

  2. Italy is the same way. It was a surprise to have our little one greeted with so many "bambino! angelo!" after France, where everyone regarded him as a nuisance not old enough to start smoking yet...