Monday, March 03, 2008

Putin and Medvedev: "Together we shall win!"

I took this picture on Sunday, March 2, at Okhotnyi Ryad; the ad is posted on what used to be Hotel Moskva.

Now, could someone please explain something to me. I've always thought that it was illegal to keep this kind of election campaign ads up until the election day - but Article 45 of the Russian election law seems to allow it:

3. Printed campaign ad materials (leaflets, posters, etc.) previously displayed outside buildings and premises of election commissions in accordance with a procedure set forth in the federal law shall remain in place on the voting day.

Why did I assume it was illegal?

P.S. I really love the term "DIMAkratiya" - thank you, Anonymous, for bringing it up in the comments section to the previous post!


  1. Oh, Veronica, how could you not have felt me behind the Anonymous! :)
    And your observation about the election law is straight from the Animal Farm. ("Didn't it say yesterday--All animals are equal? Hm... I guess not.")

  2. Veronica, I talked to the owners of that building, and they reassured me that behind that gorgeous facade of architecture... the poster in fact serves an important purpose. It's a weight-bearing billboard, covering up a big crack that is just behind it...

  3. thank you! I will copy the foto!