Thursday, March 20, 2008

Over at Global Voices, there are 36 comments on a tiny item about that weird conflict between Greece and Macedonia (aka FYROM) - and 33 comments on a lovely roundup of the bloggers' views on the issue, written by Elia Varela Serra.

It's scary: nearly 70 comments, and some of them are pretty lengthy.

At the end of Elia's piece, there's one blogger's wonderful proposal "to add meaningful descriptive adjectives" to other countries' names - and some examples:

“Smallish Republic of Montenegro” (SROCG)
“Kinda Democratic Republic of Serbia” (KDROS)
“Democratic Federal and Sometimes Confederal Republic of Three Equal Constituent People and Nobody Else of Bosnia and Herzegovina” (DFSCRTECPNEBH)

People with a sense of humor are just so precious.


  1. Haha! Last year when a Macedonian classmate enlightened me to the conflict between Macedonia and Greece, I suggested that they change the name to "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Fuck You, Greece".

    (No offense meant to the Greek people. I'm sure the disagreement is more far more complex than I realize, as these things always are.)

  2. Almost makes you nostalgic for the simpler times of "Yugoslavia..."

  3. yes, when one looks at the post-yugoslav ethnic cleansings, wars, ongoing conflicts, many tiny countries still murderously angry with each other and splintering smaller, it does indeed make one nostalgic for yugoslavia.

  4. They all do it to keep the Eurovision song contest there forever.

  5. Greece is the EU's Russia: hysterical, aggressive, a pain in the arse.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I enjoyed reading that thread and learning about the roots of the issue and the region.

    Eventually I wandered into the wiki entry for Tito and Titoism. Fascinating refreshers. Thank you so much for posting.

    I'm going to start checking Global Voices regularly.