Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally, a political news report that doesn't leave me indifferent: interior minister Yuri Lutsenko has kicked Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky's ass!

Ukrainska Pravda's pieces (UKR) are here and here.

As a fellow human being, I can't blame Lutsenko. Not at all.

I wonder, however, whether this fight was spontaneous - or, perhaps, part of Lutsenko's intricate plan to bring us a new mayor, to carry through with his campaign "guarantee"...

I also wonder whether interior ministers in our country have more freedom to kick important asses than ordinary citizens do.


  1. Neither can I!

    Somebody had to do it, and I think it's a mighty good opening gambit in Lutsenko's mayoral campaign.

    The fist in Samooborona's logo now has a very special meaning:)))

  2. The fist was part of the reason why I voted for Klichko when all the old ladies were voting for Chernovetsky. Though I never really expected him to use it against his opponents: just having it around should be enough to make them behave, I hoped...


    As much as I understand Lutsenko, I still think he's an idiot for letting himself overreact like this. Even if it was Chernovetsky who kicked him under the table first and hurt his injured knee.

    It's very entertaining, yes, but this kind of behavior is also sending a number of unpleasant messages about the country.

    Mishah thinks Lutsenko should submit a resignation letter - and then Yulia, of course, wouldn't allow him to go. I guess I agree.

  3. I voted Klichko, too, but the man miserably failed my "ne slovom, a dilom" test. His underemployment in the City Council was a huge letdown, considering the volume of Mayor Chernovetsky’s “land activity.”

    However uncivil Lutsenko's act may be — and I certainly agree it is — I doubt that he will tender his resignation. And the publicity fallout from this event may actually help him grab the spotlight at a time when some NUNS folks appear rather unenthusiastic and BYuT-antagonistic about early mayoral elections in Kyiv.

    And, of course, it's not just PM Tymoshenko who wouldn't let him go, but — first and foremost — President Yushchenko. I wonder if the President was an eyewitness of his appointee's mischief. A video of the event would make a bestseller, perhaps even eclipsing the Dobkin-Kernes duo:)!

  4. part1: