Friday, December 14, 2007

Two links - from, in Russian - for Andrey Slivka, who wrote this in his Kyiv traffic piece in the Washington Post:

Another peculiarity: Cars are really unnecessary here because Kiev's Soviet-built subway system is excellent.

- Dec. 11, 2007, 82 comments: They now have trambovshchiki at Livoberezhna, Darnytsya and Chernihivska stations - men who work from 8 to 9 AM, helping passengers to squeeze into subway cars during rush hours, by pushing them from, hmm, behind. From outside.

- Dec. 12, 2007, 127 comments: Kyiv subway authorities are asking passengers to avoid using subway from 7:30 to 9 AM, unless absolutely necessary, and use other means of transportation.


  1. imho Perhaps, he was distracted.I think that when someone is focused on getting book deals and wants to get their name in print, their threshold may be lower than usual. Quantity not quality.


  3. too funny - never saw that acronym before - way cool. Where u been hiding out? Yep, you are the master, imho. Bestest!

  4. From Information website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

    "So Who Is Silence Golden For?"
    Dec. 13, 2007 by Halya Coynash
    "The regime fell and those times arrived. Yet here I am in 2007 writing for human rights websites under siege for the fourth day now and trying gloomily to fathom the difference from the situation thirty years ago.

    The onslaught began early Sunday evening, on the eve of International Human Rights Day on 10 December. Since that time the websites of the Civic Network “Maidan”, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group and the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union have been subjected to an intensive DDOS [Distributed Denial of Service] assault. The aim is to block the sites through inundating the server with requests for information. The server can’t cope and the sites therefore don’t open. ..."

  5. “Cars are really unnecessary here because Kiev's Soviet-built subway system is excellent.”

    Don’t you just love that sentence? The “passenger packers” will now excel in doing it justice.