Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The second day of circus in Rada seems to be over. No work has been done again - all thanks to the Party of the Regions folks (RUS).

Yesterday, when I was searching for the Rada site, to look up some stats, I first landed at the page for another Rada: the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Instead of disbanding - and deputy head of TsVK, Mahera, thinks (RUS) it's not an unlikely option right now - our idiots could perhaps just rename themselves. Would be cheaper than having yet another election, and more honest.


  1. ROFL! It sticks!

    To make it even more sticky, my motion would be to strike out the word Royal and replace it with Regional (or Regionalist).

  2. This autumn, Ukrainian and Swiss politics seem to have parallel political agendas... but this time with different outcomes.
    October you had the legislatives, and we did so right after ... with appalling results, namely a populist farright landslide.
    But TODAY, our Parliament took only eight hours to (re)elect the seven Ministers of the government, with none of them stepping out. And ... our rogue Minister was EVICTED. The one who hates strangers and the European Union and who is an industrial millionaire hated by the whole intelligentsia .. Even, I could not dream that this would suffice. My bet yesterday was that the weight on MPs of pharmaceutical plants and their boards would prevail.
    Minister Blocher will leave his position to a woman, which is one reason more to rejoice, even though she is in the same party.

    Veronica : Is there Parliamentary immunity in Ukraine for the ones who stole others' voting card? How are the supporters of the Party of Regions reacting at the publication of these turpitudes? Excusing them?