Monday, December 03, 2007

I've just noticed the news of the third explosion in two weeks at the Zasyadko coal mine.

Nov. 18 - 101 people dead; Dec. 1 - 44 wounded; Dec. 2 - 5 killed, 30 wounded.

How terrible.


  1. Words cannot adequately address my feelings about this terrible tragedy and the resulting loss of people who were husbands, friends, brothers, etc. As well as those who are undergoing care and treatment in hospitals/clinics from all the explosions. Terrible, sad, wasteful, tragic, heart wrenching, ...


    The following comment is off topic to the entry topic but wanted to post link to article if u were not aware of the following already. I apologize as I did not know where to post it.

    LiveJournal Sold to Russian Firm

  2. That's what they call stabilnist.

  3. Taras, What does "stabilnist" mean?
    The post struck me as quite bizarre, too, but I fail to label my feelings ... maybe stabilnist is the word.
    (On apprend tous les jours quelque chose)
    Genia from Switzerland

  4. 'stabilnist' is 'stability' in ukrainian. it's also what we have in ukraine, if you choose to listen to yanukovych. obviously, three deadly accidents at the same coal mine in two weeks is part of this 'stabilnist' thing.

  5. Neeka said it all. When 106 people lose their lives in three accidents in the same mine in two weeks, stabilnist is the word.