Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looks like they've run out of book titles...

The Economist's Edward Lucas seeks help in promoting his new book, due to be published in February 2008:

THE NEW COLD WAR: How the Kremlin Menaces Russia and the West

Not to be confused with Mark MacKinnon's book, published earlier this year:

THE NEW COLD WAR: Revolutions, Rigged Elections, and Pipeline Politics in the Former Soviet Union


  1. They should sign a few copies for the Kremlin!

  2. How about calling it "The Other Cold War" or "Cold War 2" or some other similiarly silly and anxiety inspiring title.

    I find such "analysis" of relations between the US/West and Russia to be extremely simple-minded. I suppose that is what sells books to most Americans.

  3. Lucas is a good writer though, who seems, from my western point of view, to have something to say about eastern Europe. He has a regular column in the European Voice, which is owned by the Economist and has a certain free-market promoting point of view, but it's a good column all the same.

  4. I've never seen Lucas write anything that wasn't an attempt to portray Russia or the former Soviet Union in a distorted and negative light.

    Certainly, there are negative stories to write about in those countries. But beating the old cliches and distorting realities to reinforce a certain political agenda is tiresome and boring. Everything I've ever seen from Edward Lucas puts him in that category.