Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm reading Yulia Latynina's latest novel now - The Land of War: Dar al-Harb - and it's a pretty hair-raising experience.

But I guess I'd recommend it to people like Vanessa Redgrave - those idealistic people who seem to regard Ahmed Zakaev & Co. as some poor but proud mistreated pets that are acting on behalf of the rest of those poor but proud mistreated pets.

I wonder if this book ever gets translated into English.


Lyndon of Scraps of Moscow wrote about Latynina the novelist back in 2005 - here.


  1. You’re right. The West should distinguish the Chechen people, to whom “mistreated” applies historically, from certain members of the exiled Chechen leadership, to whom “pets” applies, based on intelligence reports.

  2. You gotta see this cleavage!, uh, sorry, coverage!