Monday, November 05, 2007

Here's Kyiv, Ukraine:

And here's Tirana, Albania:

By Our Man in Tirana


More pictures and a discussion of the "Washing Line Building in Tirana" - here.

More pictures of Kyiv's Vidradne district - here and here.


  1. Oh, you haven't heard the last quote from our freak of a mayor Chernovetskiy: "Sometimes you pass a trolleybus so brightly painted, you don't wanna live" (такой яркий--жить не хочется). He wants to repaint all of Kiev's mass transit.

  2. The similarity speaks for itself. (Must be one of our Mayor's favorite sights.)

    And you know what, I actually was born in that hood, in Medgorodok:))) We lived on Chumak St. for about six months. Thanks for the pics, Neeka!

  3. I just bought some red kolgotki last week. They're all the rage this season.

  4. Hahaaa... I just took photos of that same building yesterday! Perhaps Edi Rama (mayor of Tirana) was recently in Kiev and spotted those red long johns! I love this particular building!

  5. I took that picture of the red kolgotki at the end of November 2005, right before Marta was born. The Vidradne/Otradnoye neighborhood is way too gloomy, despite its name. This time of the year, though, it's way too gloomy everywhere in this part of the world. I really do believe that it's not all about the demented mayors - the proximity of the wonderful Mediterranean is a hugely important factor, too: alas, unlike Albania, we are too far away from it.

  6. yaki zhyvopysni kolgotki!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Can anyone tell me what the history is behind the sunrise motif for bars over windows? It seems almost every building in the former USSR has this type of window covering.