Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mishah was buying herbs at Besarabka, had a conversation with a real cute babushka, a vendor, there. She told him how once Vitrenko was at the market, along with reporters, bodyguards, the crowd, and she got really curious, and ran to look, unaware it was Vitrenko. And someone from Vitrenko's entourage gave her some flowers right away and told her to go ahead and present them to "Natalya Mykhailovna" and thank her. Babushka said, "But who am I supposed to give flowers to?" "Natalya Mikhailovna." "Yes, but who is she, this Natalya Mikhailovna?" "Vitrenko." "Vitrenko?! But I don't want to give her flowers, I don't like what she does! Me, I'm a bazaar woman, yes, and I am at my place, at the bazaar. But Vitrenko, she's a bazaar woman, too, so why is she in politics?!!"


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