Sunday, September 30, 2007

Taras of Ukrainiana has just posted an invaluable resource for anyone who would like to experience the 2007 parliamentary election campaign the way ordinary Ukrainians - those who own a TV set, at least - have: a comprehensive collection of videos of campaign ads by seven Ukrainian blocs and parties - translated into English!

Thank you so much, Taras!!!

P.S. A video I referred to in a comment to one of the previous posts is also there - the one about a pregnant "village woman" rescued by Yushchenko/Lutsenko's ambulance.

P.P.S. And I have added 41 pictures from Yulia's Maidan at Sofiyivska and Yanukovych's Maidan at Maidan. All taken on Friday, they are at the bottom of this Flickr set...


  1. The t-shirts are the coolest items. Interesting to see the expansion from plastic shopping bags to clothing items. Thanks for the photos.

  2. a pox on all Ukrainian political blogs that do not link to Taras' blog!


  3. Great pics!

    About the silly pregnant girl ad --

    In the 2006 campaign, I believe Moroz was one of the people who earnestly talked about getting money to doctors in the villages, and truly getting medicine to the villages, instead of the money "disappearing."

    I don't think the pregnant girl ad resonates with anyone.

  4. Thanks for the promotion, guys! Motion to strike out pox and replace it with PoR;)!

    Yulya is better than Anna Akhmetova:))) That’s one hell of a T-shirt! ROFL!

    Here’s a funny don’t-stay-at-home-go-vote BYuT ad with a Van Helsing slant:

  5. Too bad you didn't catch any of those white baseball hats with Yulia's heart saying "Kosa vnutri"--"a braid inside."