Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some more dacha pictures, taken with Mishah's camera this time...

Marta next to one of the biggest molehills in the garden:

Most of them have appeared in the past two weeks or so. Yesterday, the mole was digging his way up LIVE, and mama, always curious AND a biologist, kept walking around the growing pile of earth, ready to snatch the poor animal out - "just to have a look" - and I kept inventing reasons for her not to: it bites, it scratches, it may be contagious, and just imagine how frightened it's gonna be... Then I found this mole picture on Wikipedia - and mama seemed satisfied, but it got the photographer in me really anxious... By then, though, the mole must've been enjoying a siesta, and when it returned to work, it was already dark. So, no mole pictures, just the molehills:

A little lake right outside our plot; it looks a bit too perfect on this picture, a bit unreal:

There's a little rusty (or is it green?) door near the house that opens onto a little rusty platform over the lake - and Marta is so drawn there that mama had to invent a Mr. Crocodile, who lives on the platform and hates being disturbed...

And here's one more cute picture with some of our apples in the background:


  1. Good luck catching a mole, or even taking the picture of one. If Marta can catch one I'll give her a job! I have them on the hill in Montana and have been trying to get rid of them forever. I've tried poison, and even these things you stick in the ground that are electronic and make a sound that is supposed to chase them away. Next summer I'm going to get a pump and flood them out! I hate those things!

  2. Marta is a real charmer.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics, thanks for posting.

    And the mole mug is hilarious :^)

  4. Privet!
    Saling through blog I found you...
    I like your blog very much!

    Wonderful pics, your princess is very cute!!

    Do you speak russian or ucrainian?
    I have curiosity...

    Visit my blog if you want.

    Warm greetings from Chile!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful pictures, Neeka. Very picturesque place. The flowers and the apples are beautiful. Where is this place? I bet the apples taste great! Your daughter is very, very cute.

    I see someone did a lot of work stacking up firewood. The moles did a lot of work, too. Whenever I take my dogs for a walk in the woods, they always get excited around the molehills.

    Great pictures.

  6. Looks like you have a whole minefield of molehills there:)

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