Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rusanivski Sady are campaign-ad-free, and so I only take pictures of the election-related stuff when I venture outside, which isn't too often. Today, I went to Besarabka and decided to mix laundry with politics: I loaded the washing machine and then took a walk to Maidan and to Sofiyivska Ploshcha.

My Campaign 2007 photo set finally has enough pictures in it (64) to post a link here.


  1. Great raid:)!

    Those half-empty huts always look so embarrassing. It's a shame BYuT does not set itself apart from the competition on that account.

    I suspect that in Kyiv most of the anti-Tymo stuff comes from Brodsky's PVD, the darling of the Donetsk-based TRK Ukraina.

  2. But the atmosphere was very friendly there, even though there weren't too many people. Which is probably the reason why some campaign workers looked sleepy and uninspired. In some booths, though, there were the real ones, those who stood at Maidan in 2004 and would stand there again. Including Baba Paraska. Has she switched from Our Ukraine back to Yulia?

    Free stuff that was being distributed sure helped improve the mood, but at least the people didn't fight for it.

    At Maidan, where the Yanukovych folks are supposed to be, there's a fence that you can't get behind, and their stage is so fucking huge, a monster, taller than Konservatoriya. Voluntary entrenchment, not Maidan.

    As for Brodsky, I hope there aren't too many people paying serious attention to his crap.

    But I'm sure that many Yulia's supporters are listening carefully to everything that's coming out of the Yushchenko/Lutsenko camp, to determine whether the post-election alliance is possible or not.

  3. more pics please!