Sunday, July 01, 2007

We were supposed to be on a train back to Moscow tonight, but Mishah broke his leg yesterday, right here on Khreshchatyk, across the street from the Besarabka Market, so we're stuck in Kyiv, and we've canceled our vacation in the mountainous village in Turkey, and we are both totally devastated by all this. We were supposed to fly to Istanbul in a week and then take a car to Kayalar, but now Mishah will have to keep his cast on and use crutches for the next three weeks, and any travel together is out of the question.

The superstitious part of me believes I shouldn't have cursed ex-mayor Omelchenko in my previous post, shouldn't have cursed at all, period. I'd take it back, if only it could change anything.

There was also a full moon yesterday, my astrologically-minded relatives tell me, and the doctor who treated Mishah told him they'd seen crowds of patients with traumas in the past few days.

But, regardless of whether it was full moon, or Omelchenko's Khreshchatyk's revenge, or something else, it sucks big time.


  1. My Gosh! That is terrible! How in the world did that happen? I'm very sorry for Mishah. Breaking a leg is one of my biggest fears when I ski. Tell Mishah he doesn't get to go skiing with us when you guys come over to visit :)

    Seriously I'm very sorry to hear about this.

  2. I don't believe God/karma punishes others for your actions. So as long as you don't break a leg, I would curse-away at the ex-mayor all you want. I don't think God would punish you either, for that matter, for cursing a politician. Afterall, God created everyone to serve some useful purpose.

    I would be more worried about your husband's diet. Is he getting enough calcium? Granted, men over 30 need very little calcium in their diets compared to women.

  3. So sorry, Mishah! I hope it heals well. At least there's lots of Obolon' on hand where you are.