Friday, July 27, 2007

Still missing, but there's some news.

Mama called me around 7 pm, she was with the cops, in Obukhiv (about 45 km from Kyiv, population 30,000 or so).

At the local hospital, they found an entry with my father's full name in their records: Khokhlov Igor Sergeevich. He was brought there by the police around 11 am on July 18, a day and a half after his disappearance. Amnesia was his preliminary diagnosis. They sent for a neurologist. But as they were waiting, my father just got up and left the hospital, and they didn't bother to stop him.

Mama was so hopeful at first. Especially because he was able to give them his full name. But then they looked around and found no trace of him, nor could they find the cops who brought him there and the nurse who let him slip away.

A week ago. He could be anywhere now. Again.

He must've gotten to Obukhiv by bus. We had been thinking of this direction, but didn't really believe someone would agree to give him a ride for free.

It's like looking at the stars: the light you see was actually there hundreds of thousands years ago, and by now the star may no longer exist at all, but there's no way for us to know.

Mama and the cops will return to Obukhiv tomorrow morning and continue the search.


  1. This is hopeful and a good lead.

  2. I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath hoping that this will lead to more information for you soon.

  3. Yes, that is something hopeful!

  4. I think this could be good news, and that you are getting closer now. I hope you find him, and that he is ok and well. I have a father with a lot of the same symptoms, butin an earlier stage, so I have a clue of how you feel.

  5. I hope this is good news. I check your blog often, hoping that I will find a post saying you found him.


  6. Veronica,

    I found your blog from Don's blog. I am so sorry to hear about your family's current situation. You and your family are in my thoughts.

    Here in the States, when someone goes missing, usually people in the area will volunteer to conduct a man search. Is it possible for you to find some volunteers (friends, family, members of your neighborhood and community) to help with the search of your father?

  7. Veronica, Misha just told me what has happened in an email and I just read for myself about the harrowing past week. I am so so sorry . I can't even express it enough- my heart goes out to you. We haven't even met in person yet- you have been in Kyiv when I've been in Moscow- but I hope that we will meet soon and I hope that by then, everything will be fine, your papa will be safe and recovering, and these days will become a fading memory. I wish I could do something to help in the meantime. . .don't despair! Robin