Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Papa's still missing, but thank you all who've written me. Mama has spent some time looking for him on her own early in the morning today. Then she took his picture to the police station at Moskovskaya St., only to discover that they were planning to begin working on his case tomorrow. "It's not some hooligan that's missing," she told them. "It's a person who is ill, and it's been 12 hours already." She also asked them quite decidedly whether they needed a kick in the ass from someone way up high to get them to do their job. That and some real intense crying seems to have helped, and now a young and rather attractive woman (on really high platform heels) from that police station is calling places and walking around with mama. She's contacted all the usual medical places, but they don't have anyone who'd fit his description. I'm staying home with Marta - because we still have a tiny hope that he may find his way back by himself. Again, thank you for you help, prayers and positive thoughts.

Here's papa's photo, taken in April this year, on the day Marta and I were going back to Moscow:

A larger copy is here, and the really huge original - here.

Yesterday, he was wearing jeans and a blue polo shirt.


  1. Have you tried calling any of the TV stations to see if they will show his picture and maybe their viewers can help find him?

  2. http://magnolia-tv.com/about/info/
    try this.

  3. Know that all of your readers send good thoughts and prayers for your father's safe return!

  4. Bozhe. I hope he turns up soon.


  5. yes, hope you found him by now!!

  6. You are in my thoughts. I wonder if he had a favorite place that he liked to go to? or a place from his youth that you might not think about?

  7. Good luck, best wishes for locating your father, V. You always write about him with tenderness and affection. It is despicable that local authorities are so not understanding. There is so much more that could be said about that - but now I just will wish and pray for the best and your fathers return home.

  8. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you from yesterday. Is there anything that I or we can do to help you and your mother ?

  9. Veronika, darling, i feel so bad that I can only pray for you and your dad at this point.
    I remember in Baltimore when a guy was missing in our neighborhood, his family and friends posted his pictures and contact phone on each and every corner and distributed leaflets to everybody on the streets.
    Meanwhile, I keep praying for your family. Let me know if I can be of any help.