Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nothing new again, and I don't have it in me to write anything.

I'll mention only one thing I've seen today: I stopped by at Hospital #10, near the central bus station, and one of the nurses told me I should check at the hospice in the building next door. After seeing what I saw there I sort of begin to understand why so many people aren't freaked out by hospital conditions here. Compared to this so-called hospice, most of the hospital rooms I've seen so far are like five-star hotels. The place was filled with old people, many of whom were in really terrible condition. The place stank of urine. There were old mattresses lying everywhere, and other junk. I saw two women who worked there - and I think they were the only ones. Their job is much worse than sorting photos of the dead all day. I gave 20 hryvnias ($4) to the one who showed me some of the patients who we thought could've been my father - and she seemed overjoyed.

Except for the lack of news about papa, this was the strongest impression of today.


  1. Could there be such hospices at other hospitals you already searched?


  2. Hold on, Nika.