Monday, July 16, 2007

I've uploaded the rest of my Istanbul pictures from our trip this past May - all of them are here.

Nothing special, but I had to get rid of the backlog.

It was a photo freewrite, in a way: I tried to spend as little time as possible focusing, thinking of what should be in the picture. I was just shooting left and right, and as a result I've got quite a few low-quality images of things I already take for granted, don't really notice in Istanbul, but also many photos of things that do stand out, that practically jump at you as you walk there.

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  1. Istanbul is one of my fav cities. Absolutely beautiful, but barking mad as well. The craziest area is down by the river near the bridge. Those men eating little fish, and quite aggressive geezers trying sell you, well, everything. I love that place….