Saturday, July 14, 2007

A brief Mishah update:

So he returned to Moscow with his broken leg two weeks ago. A few days later, he caught a cold. Around the same time, they turned his hot water off. I mean, not only his, but in the whole building - the no-hot-water season has begun. Mishah's internet went kaput next. Or maybe it was the heating pipe that burst first and the internet died later - I don't remember the chronology. The heating pipe disaster took place Saturday - if it hadn't been for the broken leg, we would've been busy getting packed for Turkey then. The pipe that burst and flooded the neighbors two floors down was in our bedroom - or so everyone believed until yesterday, when the plumbers finally showed up (after five days of waiting for them), made a hole in the wall and told Mishah everything looked intact. They'll probably check the neighbors' pipes next week and if they don't find anything wrong there, they'll return to our bedroom. Mishah has to sit there and wait for them. And then he'll have to wait for someone to fix the hole in the wall, I guess. Or maybe he'll postpone that. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, two years, and Mishah's not gonna be here, and I already feel like the poor Eeyore on his forgotten birthday. Marta misses her papa terribly. The only good thing about it is that I'm now writing in Russian a lot: I've got one more blog, on LiveJournal this time, all locked and private, and I write little updates about Marta for Mishah (they've fixed his internet today), and I also rant and whine there all to myself. It helps.


  1. Bummer--get well soon, Mishah! Now that you have internet back, did you read the article in the eXile about Russian mullets? it will make you laugh (or perhaps cry):