Saturday, June 23, 2007

Surprise, surprise - we're in Kyiv!

I'm still too busy and tired to write, but here's a picture taken in front of our building - I have to add it to my Kyiv Parking site on Flickr, but I don't remember any of the login info for it, so it'll have to wait:

Nothing's changed here while we were away.

The stone on the jerk's trunk is a message from Mishah.

P.S. Judging by his license plate, the jerk is from Kharkiv.


  1. I am confused. Who is Mishah? And why are you calling the owner of the car a "jerk"?

  2. mishah's my husband - but i can't mention his relation to me every time i mention him on this blog.

    if a "jerk" isn't good enough, would a "pig" be a better term for someone who parks his car on a flower bed?

    thank you.

  3. Thanks, I guess I need to read your blog more regularly;)