Thursday, June 07, 2007

Called my mother, but she wasn't there: papa picked up the phone and we spent half an hour talking.

I don't understand about 90 percent of what he's saying. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Of what I do understand, he is very happy for me, because of Marta and all that I'm doing and seeing (which isn't a lot, but still). He's still the kindest person in the world - his three strokes in one year weren't able to change that.

Here's a picture of him 27 years ago, at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow - he's the one in the center of the picture, smiling into the camera:


  1. I have found that a stroke exagerates the personality traits of the patient. This is only my personal experience, I don't have any objective medical evidence to back it up. Nice people stay nice, maybe they even become nicer. Not so nice people may worsen, in any case they don't get nicer. Wonderful shot of the crowd and your papa. Thanks for sharing this, and your news of your papa, I come back from time to time to know how he's doing.