Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry for not writing here. All my energy goes into trying to get Marta to eat. I think I'm failing miserably as a mother.


  1. I wouldn't worry about her not eating. They go through phases. As they get older they don't eat as much. When they start a growth spurt then they eat tons and then slow down. She'll eat when she is hungry. If she doesn't eat during her regular meal and just wants to play -- then pick it up. Don't give a extra food between meals, just the normal amount. She'll eat next time. That is unless she is sick, then just make sure she gets plenty of fluids to keep her hydrated. Oops you probably didn't want to hear any advice.


  2. The not eating thing is a way for Marta to assert power. The less you fuss about it the better, take the food away and excuse her, another thing is to have her help you cook something, that seems to make kids more likely to eat. Don't let her fill up on milk too close to a meal time or during a meal.

  3. Don't worry. When I was very young I also had trouble eating. And I've turned out OK...

  4. Thank you all so much for advice and encouragement! I do need it now... :)

  5. Phases is right! Don't stress it. No child voluntarily went without food - for them it becomes a game. Take it easy and not personally. And you will look back on these days with a laugh little realizing what lay ahead (when all she does is say no, only wants to wear inappropriate clothes, or the teen age years! :)

    You are a great mom!

  6. Veronica -

    elmer here.

    Come on, now.

    what's more important - getting your child to eat, or watching the children in the zRada and the Constitutional Court play their foul games?

    You need to get your priorities straight.

  7. Hey common when we are kids we used to do the same..especially I'm but see now...I'm eating everything what I'm seeing(ha haa)..Don't worry..Give priority to your child and make he or her always best wishes to your child..
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  8. Thank you for posting about the most important things, Nicka. Don't apologize. Your posts about Marta are my favorite. I have to admit a little vicarious schadenfreude in my role as Marta'a would-be grand uncle.

    Have to agree - she'll probably eat when she's good and damn ready just like her Mom!

    A strong willed child is a good thing! As long as they don't hurt themselves there's nothing wrong with exercising a healthy will.

    Always appreciate Marta posts. Keep your chin up!

  9. Hey Veronica - I'm sure you're a great mum. Keep your spirits up.

    Just got back from a quick trip to a conference in Ukraine. I like the place more and more.


  10. I'm ditto with Elmer.

    By the way, he'd make a great guest blogger....(I'm trying to get him onto an existing blog.)