Thursday, May 10, 2007

After reading through a whole bunch of WWII stories that I found through this blog (here, here, and here, all in Russian), after being moved to tears by a number of them, after finally managing to pick two texts for a GV translation - after all this, I don't really want to think of what Moscow was like today/yesterday, on May 9. It's such an embarrassment - and, in many ways, such an outrage. What this regime is trying to accomplish by letting the freaks rally all they want is totally beyond me.


More pics later (I hope).


  1. elmer here.

    Disgusting indeed.

    It's absolutely unbelievable how people can glorify a murderer.

  2. In my many years of life on this planet, I have come to understand that you can't hold what a person has been taught and how they think against them.You can attempt to understand them and help them to understand you, however what and how they think as a rule stays with them.

  3. elmer here again.

    I beg to differ.

    In fact, I very strongly disagree.

    People gather facts, change opinions, and - come to conclusions.

    In fact, people --- "convert."

    After all, people - chose - to worship Lenin, or Stalin, or Hitler, in the first place.

    With all the information available today, there is simply no excuse for worshipping a Hitler, or a Stalin, or others of similar ilk.

    No excuse at all.


  4. I am about to finish Anthony Beevor's "Fall of Berlin. 1945." Had a blood cooling realization that Russia is turning into Stalin's USSR...or the Third Reich(without it's military power). How can people not see it???

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  6. I know a lot of people even in Estonia who thinks a Stalin as a good guy. & even more peole who thinks that Estonians loved Hitler. How sad is that... no cure for these people... they just close the eyes for facts..

  7. Elmer, I understand what you are saying. I Honestly do. It would seem that people would learn and understand as well. However the proof in in the Photos, some people just refuse to understand.