Wednesday, April 11, 2007

P.S. to the previous post: by "serious" I now mean stories in English and longer than your average Reuters/AP story. Conspiracy theories do qualify because they usually take up much space.


And here's one of Yushchenko's bullshit promises: the building on Hrushevskogo that he kept promising to tear down but never did - it looks almost ready for people to move in now.

I remember being pissed when Yushchenko said the building would go not because those who decided to build it at that spot violated certain laws - but because Kyivites found it annoying.

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  1. Conspiracy theories have the longest legs of all! and are remembered long after the event is over.
    Remember that US landing on the moon - bogus. ;)

    I am all for reading conspiracy theories because they do contain some truth like Tymoshenko did indeed go to Washington. And yes, what is going on in Ukraine is about $$$. Basicly who will control the nation's chest and who will be distributing it.