Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh, what a month.

The Ukrainian rallies seem to be so far away now. I stopped following the events there even before Piskun became our prosecutor general yet again. The most important thing is that there's been no bloodshed.

And what a week.

First, Yeltsin. Now Rostropovich and Lavrov...

Lavrov the actor, not the foreign minister; the latter is quite alive, commenting on the situation in Tallinn left and right.

Yes, and now the situation in Tallinn: I've just posted a GV translation on that.

And the week's not over yet.


Chernobyl's 21st anniversary went pretty much unnoticed - by me, at least, because both Marta and I felt pretty ill on that day. Marta is teething; me, I don't know what it was.


An interesting point someone made on Radio Echo of Moscow today: in 1999, there were no Russian billionaires on the Forbes list; in 2007, there are 53.

Just another way of looking at the years of Yeltsin's rule vs. the years of Putin's rule.


  1. Besides his failures he was one who not only claimed souveranity for Russia but also supported the Baltics in 1990. When the Sovietunion still existed and the soviet bloddy January 91 in the Baltics did not happen yet.

  2. cool story about Belarus and the power of the blogosphere -
    The New Frontier in Human Rights

  3. Hi Neeka:

    My name is Josh Goldstein, Global Voices Uganda 'correspondent' and researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

    The Berkman Center is working to launch a new project on the effect of the Internet on democratic change. We have chosen to begin with a preliminary study on the role of the Internet in the Ukranian Orange Revolution.

    At this early stage, I am simply searching for sources to inform the scope of this project. I was wondering if you could direct me towards any articles, books, blogs or other sources.

    I thought you might be the expert on this so if you can, shoot me an email to goldstein dot joshua ( at ) gmail dot com



  4. But Yeltsin gets blamed for creating the Oligarchs.