Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marta had her first radio appearance yesterday - on BBC Radio Five Live, Pods and Blogs show!!!

I'm kidding, of course: it was me who was being phone-interviewed in our TV room, while Marta was desperately trying to get past the locked door, screaming her lungs out... And I'm exaggerating, too - you can barely hear her, just a couple of times, a sound that resembles a cat's meow (myaaooo).


My segment begins somewhere at 2:45 minutes into the show and lasts till about 8:15.

The audio is here, show notes are here.

UPDATE: The audio content for this episode seems no longer available at the Pods and Blogs site, so here's a clip with my segment (thanks so much, Georgia, for capturing it!) -

First, Chris Vallance quotes from my last night's Global Voices translation, and then I say stuff about Yeltsin and about the Russian blogosphere.

I'm not saying anything special, but I'm still extremely happy. It was damn scary to be interviewed - I haven't spoken English in months, have only been reading and writing - but I think I sound okay. Yes, I do like the way I sound - it's a really nice surprise. :)


Thousands of people have come to the Christ the Savior Church in Moscow to say good-bye to Yeltsin - it takes at least an hour of standing in line to get inside and view the body.

Looks like Putin's got himself yet another peaceful rally - which he can't disperse, mainly because of all the Bushes-Clintons-John Majors coming over for the funeral.

The funeral is a good reason to do some repairs, too. Here's what LJ user grinka reports (RUS, my sleepy translation):

All the janitors that could be found in [Moscow's Central Administrative District] seemed to swarm on Prechistenka at 10 pm. They were washing the facades, painting lamp posts, washing shop windows. Evacuators were [towing cars away], road workers were shutting down [sewage holes] [...]. Someone standing in line [to view Yeltsin's body] said that by the Novodevichye [Cemetery] they had even promptly put fresh asphalt everywhere.


  1. I told you long time ago, you had no reasons to be afraid of radio interviews. I often do them in my underwear and they still pay me :)
    Well done!

  2. You were awesome! As was Marta, whom I heard as well :-)

  3. congrads!

    It was good to hear your voice.

    Your accent is nice.

  4. It was nice to hear the most friendly voice on GlobalVoices! You and your daughter did a fine job:)

    You reminded me of those May ’86 evenings in Korets, Rivne Oblast, when my grandpa logged on his old Sakta radio ( and tried to sift through those KGB-jammed BBC and VOA broadcasts about the Chernobyl disaster.

    A KGB officer early in his career, he didn’t trust everything he heard. (As you know, even a dissident of deepest convictions wouldn't believe the extent of the tragedy.) Grandpa called them “alien voices.” But the funny thing is, he still he wouldn’t miss a single day of U.S. propaganda, which leads me to believe that he didn’t trust the Soviet side of the story 100 percent.

    Now, the world has changed. Thanks to the Internet and wireless communications, Russia enjoys more freedom of information than it did 21 years ago:) Keep up the good work! Russia needs more voices like yours:)

  5. Molodets! And I second what Sasha says about being on the radio. The more you do it, the less you care.